imageThe last post.

This is it for the travels, the blog and the photos. It’s been a blessing of a year for being able to see the world and I’ve got to thank my parents and family for facilitating part of that, as well as all those I have travelled with and met along the way who make these experiences what they are.

For everyone reading, I hope you’ve enjoyed the photos. I strove to take and share pictures that have a story to tell more than your average snap. They’re now a great memorabilia for me and they will remain here for anyone who takes an interest in travel.

Thank you for your interest and your time.


imageApologies for the delay in pictures; my efforts were again hampered by terrible wifi.

Christmas came and went in Salzburg, marked by some of the best Christmas markets, lunch at Europe’s oldest restaurant and a midnight mass which saw silent night performed by candlelight in a huge cathedral.

Finally, on Boxing Day, it snowed. And there was lots of it.

We’re now at the end of the Austrian leg and, at least for me, have reached the home run. Two nights willl be spent in Zurich before finishing in Paris.

It’s amazing how fast everything has passed.