imageThe Dalmatian Coast was never a place that I never quite understood it’s popularity. Touching down in Dubrovnik, however, showed me the mix of beautiful cliffs, clear water and incredible cities that make it so famous.

This is the first stop where Monica, Bec and myself are together purely for travel – no work, no study. Though our time was limited and we made the most of every second we had, the journey felt calmer; the holiday that we’d been planning all along.

A beautiful yet treacherous drive up to Split brought us to Sophia and Elodie, Parisian friends who Monica and Bec initially met through an exchange. Again, with only limited hours, we managed to soak up Riva, swim in the ridiculously clear waters and explore a truly old city (4th century).

And, just like that, it’s over. But don’t the best times always go that way?